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Kathryn Welcomes you to her World of Art.


The style is eclectic. . .dashes of folk art, updated with art deco, whimsy and fantasy. The topics drawn from childhood memories, old Hollywood movies circa 1930's-1940's and from days past where an elegance surrounded the world and it's less pressured lifestyle. But, underneath the bright and strong colors, the graphics, and the flowing lines of Kathryn's paintings, there's a story.

Most of Kathryn's paintings are accompanied by her 'stories', many of which seemingly are only about women's issues, but in reality are about all of us; our struggles to be our own person, develop our individual strengths and self-confidence, and create opportunities to achieve our dreams. For example, we all in our own way face later years with certain regrets but also expectations as reflected in TICK-TOCK. Kathryn doesn't forget the anticipation and wonderment of childhood, the memories woven from the fabric of fairy tales which long ago filled our heads with fantasy and ever-possible conquests. Those sweet joys of youth were the premise for COME ONE, COME ALL, RAGGEDY ANN'S TEA PARTY, and PRINCIPALITY???, to name a few. Others just show Kathryn's sense of humor, as seen in PARTY ANIMAIL and BE STILL MY HEART.

We hope you enjoy the unique combination of styles that make up Kathryn's work and it is Kathryn's wish that you enjoy these paintings as much as she enjoys melding the stories and her art.

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Kathryn R. Blake has been writing romantic fantasies for nearly twenty years.  She invites you to spend a moment in her world with cursed dukes, ancient vampires and powerful wizards who battle evil and face terrifying challenges to protect the women they love, and who love them back despite all odds




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